“Forest tales” teddy bears collection

… once upon a time…
All the fairy tales begin in this way and our story will begin too.collection Forest Tales by Elena VolchkovaOnce upon a time I met unique baby teddies. They came to me from forest fairytales and wanted to participate in the teddy show BCA. They really wanted to tell their tales to you. And yet, each of them wanted to find his own person. We think we choose teddy, but in fact it is they who choose us!
So let’s start with baby Suzy.collection Forest Tales by Elena VolchkovaSuzy is the tiniest bear in this collection. Even more – today it is the tiniest bear I have created. She is only 1,5 inch. Her story is like a fairy tale about Thumbelina, who loved to sleep in a flower. Suzy, too, like Thumbelina. Very gentle baby!

She is the only one of this company who has not yet chosen where to go to live, and if she touched your heart, you can adopt her in my store. You can also see other photos of Suzy there.

collection Forest Tales by Elena VolchkovaAnother gentle girl is a bear Primrose. When the snow melts, primroses bloom. In each of them lives a fairy. My Primrose – a tiny bear who loves flowers and spring! She is 2,3 inches (6 cm) tall. She has fluffy fur to keep warm in the snow and bright yellow paws to make it more fun in the woods. It reminds me of a little bird, but it is a bear – do not forget 😉

collection Forest Tales by Elena Volchkova
Martin tiny teddy fox who is friends with the wind. He is only 2,3 inches tall (6 cm). This fox likes to walk in the forest with the wind, fly on dandelions and listen to birds sing. It’s so good when you’re friends with the wind!

collection Forest Tales by Elena VolchkovaOne bear girl loves roses so much that she chose a name for herself by reading the handbook for gardeners. And now her name is Bella Rosa. She especially likes garden roses! Their wonderful aroma and all sorts of pink shades. Bear Bella Rosa loves roses as much as I do.

Do you like roses?

collection Forest Tales by Elena VolchkovaOh! The most wonderful character in our story little badger. Mr. Twister is like a real Irish forest leprechaun, loves gold and coins. He always carries a clover, it attracts good luck! Mr. Twister has an amazing magic hat. A hat with piece of clover for good luck on it.

collection Forest Tales by Elena VolchkovaI love their tails so much! And I love to catch the moment when they think that no one is watching and whispering among themselves 🙂

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Teddy bears by Volchkova Elena
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