Christmas tree teddy bears balls

I’m going to tell you about a good gifts for your Christmas tree

Christmas balls with a bear’s head

These are the most magical balls for your Christmas tree! Furthermore this is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a unique gifts to friends. Ok, let’s see how beautiful it is!

Christmas tree teddy bears balls by Volchkova Elena

Above all I want to tell you that I created these balls as part of the collection “Angels of Christmas” for the Teddies Worldwide online show. I wrote about this collection here, you can see my entire collection.

Christmas tree teddy bears ball with embroidery

The christmas tree ball in the form of a teddy bear’s head with a big bow and bells below is a unique decoration for your Christmas tree.

The magic will begin very soon! Anyway, we all should prepair for Christmas and the New Year. Of course, it is so important to make your home beautiful and I think that you want to find the best gifts for friends and family. I do it too!

Christmas tree with fairy teddy

These balls are like living angels that will be like talismans for your Christmas tree.

Rose Christmas tree teddy bears ball by Volchkova Elena

Shabby Christmas tree teddy by Volchkova Elena

These are magical bears! Their elegant heads are decorated with embroidery with beads, lace and silk ribbons.

lace embroidered Christmas tree teddy bears balls by Volchkova Elena

If you want this for yourself, you can buy them in my store. Rose, Edwin and Mary balls are available for sale now.

Undoubtely, the ball for your Christmas tree will come to you in a gift box.Christmas tree teddy bears balls for gift

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Teddy bears christmas tree balls pinterest created by Volchkova Elena
Teddy bear pinterest christmas tree balls created by Volchkova Elena

Thank you for your attention and love for my teddy!
FairyTeddies hugs

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