BCA Exclusive Online Show

Dear friends! It’s a pleasure to invite you to the show! In addition, today I can show you something new 😉

Now, I’m crafting unique little teddies especially for this show (only 2 inches tall)!

BCA Exclusive Online Show 2018

See who came here to meet you? It’s a small bear that loves cherries very much. He is very funny, young and shy, but soon you can get to know him better.Volchkova Elena teddies BCA Exclusive Online Show

Brand new my Fairyteddies creations only available from the BCA Exclusive Online Show – 20th October, 2pm (AWST ).
Our BCA Exclusive Online Show Group is NOW OPEN for our Early Birds‼️

As a collector, you have two options when joining the show:
1) You can pay Early Bird Fee of USD$3 (AUD$4.50), which gives you 42 hour access to the show
2) You join for free, with 18 hour access, starting from the 25th hour….
Why would I pay, I hear you ask?…… This is why….
By paying the USD$3 fee this is what you get:

The first 24 hours of bear shopping is only accessible to the Early Bird Collectors, before we open the show to the rest of the public, for Free Entry. You know what they say…. The Early Bird Collector gets the best Bears!!!

Unlimited access to the Online Show page, even before the show opens, where you will receive behind the scenes access with all your favourite Artists, you will get to see all their Sneak Peeks, you can also interact and chat with all your favourite Artists and build friendships and rapports with them.
But wait… if that is not enough……

You go into the running to win the Door Prize of USD $100 to be used towards a show purchase and paid direct to the Artist, (drawn an hour before show time).
And if the opportunity to win a $100 door prize isn’t enough, we will also be donating part proceeds to an Animal Charity

All you need to do, is join the BCA Exclusive Online Show on Facebook via this Link

Read the Group Description and answer the entry questions to fast track your Entry (Early Bird entry or Free Entry?).

Two more sneak peaks for you – two cute foxes, who decide which outfit to choose for the show.

Volchkova Elena teddy fox BCA Exclusive Online Show

The most tender baby elephant! To whom will he get it? Perhaps it will be you?
Volchkova Elena teddy elephant BCA Exclusive Online Show

I will work further! And you connect to us on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter to see first the entire collection of my sweet teddy kids.

See you later! 😉

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