La vie en Rose Teddy Bears collection

rose ooak teddy bear collection

Hello, friends! Today I will show you a very beautiful collection of teddy bears and friends “La vie en Rose”. I sewed for online show eBearShow in February 2018.

La vie en Rose Teddy Bears collection

This collection turned out so feminine and beautiful! Above all roses and pink color! Certainly romance and tenderness! Furthermore unique embroidered. Do you know how I like embroidery? Certainly I love it so much! So all Bear’s left paws and head’s are unique embroidered with cotton thread, silk ribbons and beads. Even more each beast had its own medallion – miniature embroidery with beads. It’s very beautiful and I’ll show you them just below 😉
rose ooak teddy bear created by Volchkova Elena
Bear Winky was the first and represented the collection. Winky is gentle bear, likewise he likes rose’s jam and listen to the birds sing. Also he likes spring! Winky have unique rose medallion is talisman for love. Height of Winky teddy bear – 2,36 inch (6 cm) Winky was everywhere the first and even found a house immediately, before all!

rose ooak teddy koala bear created by Volchkova Elena
Tinky is funny koala bear, who lives in a large rose bush. She is only 2,36 inch (6 cm). Above all Tinky loves rain and every time looking for a rainbow. Most noteworthy that he smiles at every rose on the big bush in which she lives. Koala also have medallion is fairy rose from her lovely rose bush.

White ooak teddy bunny created by Volchkova Elena

Amanda is elegance and tenderness bunny!

First of all she loves to play hide and seek in the rose bushes. Hence she loves herbal tea and poetry. Bunny certainly has a unique medallion in the form of roses with drops of dew. Height of Amanda teddy bunny (with the ears) – 3 inch (8 cm)

rose ooak mini teddy hedgehog created by Volchkova Elena
This romantic hedgehog is available for adoption! Roselin is a smiling rose hedgehog, who loves a swing on thin branches. First of all every morning she smiles at the sun. Consequently the rose garden becomes even brighter and warmer from her smiles. Height of Roselin teddy hedgehog – 2,36 inch (6 cm)
Like all the animals from this collection, the Hedgehog has his own purse, in which he will come to you. If you want to adopt it, it’s easy to do in the store.

rose ooak teddy elephant created by Volchkova Elena

I promised to show you the medallions that I gave to all the teddies from this collection. Are they beautiful?

Let me introduce Wendy for you.

Wendy is tenderness girl elephant. She believes in good fairy tales and she can talk with wind. Height of Wendy teddy elephant – 2,55 inch (6,5 cm)
dusty rose ooak teddy elephant created by Volchkova Elena
Hence another elephant from this collection – Josephine. Josephine is a baby elephant with green eyes. She loves to travel and write fairy tales. Also she collects cards with watercolors of roses. Josephine also has a unique rose medallion on a lace vintage ribbon. Height of this teddy elephant – 2,36 inch (6 cm)

white and rose ooak teddy bear created by Volchkova Elena
Probably this is the most tender girl from all the teddy bears. Alice bear is little princess from the land of roses. She hold the most beautiful Tea parties in the kingdom. Most noteworthy that on these parties you can taste the most delicious cakes and hear the crystal songs! Height of Alice teddy bear – 2,36 inch (6 cm)

white ooak teddy mouse created by Volchkova Elena

And a sweet couple of mice Anna and Rose – tiny teddy mouse mom and baby.

Anna is teddy mouse mother who loves her naughty mousy Rose very much. This couple is always. They will help your rosebush and other plants bloom more luxuriantly. They will sing songs to them in the early morning 😉
Unique embroidery on the legs. Wonderful funny tails! Seems like you will love these mices!

That’s the whole pink company. Finally you already know that Roselin Hedgehog is waiting for their mom. You can adopt her right now. Or choose someone else in my store. Enjoy your shopping!

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Teddy bears miniature pinterest created by Volchkova Elena
Teddy bear miniature pinterest created by Volchkova Elena

Thank you for your attention and love for my teddy!
FairyTeddies hugs

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  1. I can truly say that as soon as I saw your beautiful bears I fell in love with your beautiful creations. I have now collected about almost 15 of your baby bears and I look forward to purchasing more in the future. I love them all and you are my favorite artist. I love how you make every little teddy bear so very special especially on day of arrival. With such beautiful packaging, beautiful postcards with the ribbons, and confetti. It truly is a wonderful treasure. Thank you for your beautiful creations and your beautiful mind Elen.
    I can’t wait to see what other creations you will come out with in the future. My little Christmas Angel Henri, he was my first little collectible treasure and I think I have collected quite a few teddy bears from each of your collections already. You will always see more purchases from me in the future…Thank you again. ???

  2. My dear, Julietta!
    Every time I’m happy when a new bear goes to your family! I know that he will be so happy there, like everyone else who lives with you. You are wonderful! And I’m happy for our friendship!

    🙂 Sometimes friendship begins with a small bear)

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