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Angels of Christmas teddy collection

Hello friends! Today I want to show you the collection of 2017, which I sewed for Teddies Worldwide online show. My collection was called “Angels of Christmas” and I was inspired by the imagination of Christmas in Provence. Certainly with soft shades of lilac and other.
Angels of Christmas collection bears handmade Volchkova Elena

What can be Christmas in lilac color? Maybe with a lavender decor in the style of Rustic? Can a lot of lace and beads? Natural shades and warmth of your own Christmas home as a result.
Angels of Christmas collection Henry bear white handmade Volchkova Elena

First I want to introduce you the teddy bear Henri. Henri – angel of family traditions. It’s angel who helps keep the family tradition and make your home warmer. Above all height Henri is 4 inch (10 cm). He is the biggest bear in this collection.
Angels of Christmas collection Daniele bear white handmade Volchkova Elena

Another tiny tender bear Daniele – angel of gifts. Gifts is a very important part of Christmas. Daniele – angel who helps you to choose the best gifts for your family and friends. Miniature teddy bear’s height is 2,4 inch (6 cm)
Angels of Christmas collection Amelie bear white handmade Volchkova Elena

Meet tiny teddy bunny Amelie – angel of hugs. Height of this little one is only 2,2 inch (5,5 cm) but Amelie has a very important role at Christmas! Amelie – angel who is responsible for Christmas hugs. Let there will be lots and lots!

Angels of Christmas collection Charles and Lea elephant handmade Volchkova Elena

Two OOAK teddy elephant angels – Charles and Lea. OOAK tiny teddy elephants made from viscose.
Charles – angel of secrets and keys. His fur is a beautiful lilac shade. Charles – angel who opens all the doors and makes a Christmas fairy tale real. He is only 2,5 inch (6,5 cm)

Lea – angel of Christmas tree decoration. Lea – white angel who helps you decorate a Christmas tree and make your home festive. Height of Lea is 2,4 inch (6 cm)
Angels of Christmas collection Frederic bear handmade Volchkova Elena

Meet OOAK tiny teddy hedgehog Frederic – angel of music. Frederic – angel who will bring beautiful Christmas music to your house, most noteworthy. He is only 2,4 inch (6 cm)
Angels of Christmas collection Lucien handmade Volchkova Elena

This beautiful white tiny bear is called Lucien – he is angel of dreams. Lucien – angel who gives you beautiful dreams and also make your dreams come true. Height of this bear is 2,4 inch (6 cm)

And finally the sweetest angel is the little fox.

Angels of Christmas collection Madeline fox handmade Volchkova Elena
Madeline – angel of homemade cookies. Do you like homemade cakes? My teddy loves it very much! And they believe that Madeline is a very important fox. She is angel who helps you to cook the most delicious meals for your family. All the cookies will be amazing! It’s wonderful, you agree with me?

Angels of Christmas full collection handmade Volchkova Elena
All 8 angels together. All of them have already found their houses, but you can order yourself an Angel for Christmas or choose such a magical gift to someone from your family.

Visit my Store to see which of the magical teddies are looking for a home right now. Or write me if you want to order an angel teddy.

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Angels of Christmas full collection handmade Volchkova Elena
Angels of Christmas full collection handmade Volchkova Elena

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FairyTeddies hugs 🙂

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