Teddies Packaging

I Love Receive Fairy Teddies in Amazing Packages and Boxes.

Hello, everyone! Do you like beautiful packaging? I definitely love it! I love boxes, bandaged with ribbons and postcards. I love these boxes, handbags, sacs and bags. My teddy also love them, so now I’ll tell you in more detail about the packaging in which I ship my teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

When you buy my teddy bears, what do you buy except the teddy?
You will be pleased to know that my teddies will never come to you without a passport and beautiful packaging! And you will get beautiful postcards, small things for joy, a bag or purse, which is comfortable to wear a Teddy with you.
And a lot of happiness when you take your teddy in your hands!
Everyone even the smallest elephant has a lot of interesting things with him;)

He will become your favorite friend for walking and traveling and can always be with you! With him you will always have your little happiness!

My teddies like to travel or just to walk with people. They like to go to work or in a café with you, for example. Therefore I sew bags or handbags for them, so that it would be convenient for you to take them with you. Each bag is unique! With the name of your teddy and beautiful hand-embroidered. And the kids there are very nice and cozy inside.

Sometimes Teddy asks me to sew him a purse with a clasp. I always listen to these kids 😉 and I sew what they ask. And everyone is happy 🙂

For larger animals, I sometimes make gift boxes. These are boxes of fabric and they are well decorated. If you order a bear teddy, you can choose yourself what type of packaging you need – a box or pouch.

If you like it, pin it 🙂

You can always be sure that my teddy bears will come to you well packed.
Choose your own fluffy friend in My Store!
FairyTeddies hugs

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